Thursday, April 21, 2011

Grammy and Ashlynn's Visit- Day 2 and 3

On Sunday, it was raining. The kids needed to get out so, we hopped on the skytrain and went to Chapters (a bookstore downtown with a nice play area for kids). Then we headed home and let the kids rest before going to our All Nations church service.
Carson and Ashlynn ready for bed.
On Monday, we went to North Vancouver to eat lunch with Victor. This was a BIG adventure for Ashlynn. We walked to the Canada Line where we rode the skytrain to Waterfront station and then we got on the Seabus. This took us across the water to North Van!
On the way to the Skytrain, we saw lots of taxis.
Waiting on the skytrain.
Ashlynn and Carson driving the skytrain:)
Ashlynn on the seabus
Ashlynn and Carson while we waited on Victor to meet us.
Posing in front of the fountain.
Carson and Ashlynn with downtown Vancouver in the background.
After dinner we went swimming!
Hanging out by the hot tub!

Grammy and Ashlynn Visit!

During Ashlynn's spring break my mom brought her to Vancouver. We had a get time!! It was a much needed visit for all of us. Carson and Ashlynn giggled for 7 days straight! Brooklynn tried her best to keep up and did everything Ashlynn did! We had a great time showing Ashlynn around the city.
We picked them up at the airport Friday night!
Carson and Ashlynn were so excited to see each other!
Ashlynn told Carson she had missed him so much.
On Saturday, we went to Carson's soccer practice. Coach Glenn was super nice and let Ashlynn join the practice. We all had a blast!
Ashlynn and Brooklynn
Me and my soccer girl!
Enjoying lollipops that Ashlynn got them at the airport!
Ashlynn after her make-over!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Alopecia Areata

A few weeks ago, I was messing with my hair and noticed a bald spot! I quickly showed Victor and asked, "Is that a bald spot on my head?" Unfortunately, he said, "Yes, about the size of a quarter." Once we were home, I checked it out in the mirror and had Victor take a picture of my head so I could actually see the bald spot. Yep! There it was, a big bald spot about the size of a half dollar! I was upset and began researching hair loss on the Internet.
Let me back up a bit, I had Brooklynn 18 months ago. After having her my hair began falling out (pretty normal after having a baby) but, it never stopped! So for about the past 18 months my hair has been thinning and falling out.
The next day, Sunday, I went to the clinic below our apartment. I was prepared to be told I had a vitamin deficiency and may need some blood work. However, the doctor took one quick look at the spot and said, "Oh, that's Alopecia Areata!" He began talking about treatment (steroid injections) but, I would first need to see a dermatologists to confirm. I was in shock and a bit overwhelmed. I didn't ask many questions (I didn't want to cry at the doctor's office) but, began reseaching as soon as I got home.
Alopecia Areata is a disease that causes your immune system to mistakenly attack hair follicles, resulting in hair loss. I was very thankful this wasn't life-threatening and God gave me an overwhelming peace. But, still the thought of loosing your hair is depressing.
I have started taking pre-natal vitamins and have an appointment to see the dermatologists on May 27.
I wasn't planning to share this on my blog. However, I couldn't help but want to share after last night. I was checking out the "spot" and for others and thought I felt a few hairs growing!! When Victor got home, I got him to check. PRAISE HIM!! Sure enough I have tiny hairs growing in my bald spot! I am in awe of God and how quickly He has allowed the hairs to regrow!
Over the past few weeks I have become very fond of a particular verse my friend Sara shared with me.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I love Valentine's Day! This year we started the day with heart shaped pancakes with strawberries on the side. Then we had a family dinner- spaghetti with sauce poured in a heart shape! The kids got two Valentine's packages in the mail from Grammy/Poppa and Gran Gran/Big Daddy. They loved opening them and seeing all their goodies. Thankful for our grandparents!!

Valentine goodies from Grammy and Poppa
A special Valentine's breakfast for my sweethearts!
(Daddy was already at work:(
They loved the breakfast!

Valentine's dinner!
Goodies from Gran Gran and Big Daddy!

Enjoying Valentine suckers from Gran Gran and Big Daddy!


Well, it snowed again! We were excited this time because it snow on the weekend. Victor was home so, he was able to play with the kids this time. We had lots of fun making snowballs, and a snowman. Carson loves throwing snowballs and making snow angels. Brooklynn is beginning to enjoy the snow more (and getting better at moving around in all the layers of clothes:).

Cute kids in the snow!
Snow Angels!

Our Snowman!